The Doshiba Community Fund

We believe the heart of any project is community! To make sure that we keep growing as a new age movement in the world, we have establish a dedicated multi-wallet fund for the development of our ecosystem and community.
We invite all types of people to join us as they discover themselves in our mission. We want to build a complete new world with our partners in exciting and innovation ways by leveraging the power of crypto Di-Fi, Web3, NFTs and Metaverse to create a completely unique ecosystem never seen before by a meme token!

Community Funds

  • Doshiba Ecosystem Development Fund: Click Here to read more..
  • NFT and Game Development Fund: Click Here to read more...
  • Metaverse Development Fund: Click Here to read more..
  • Doshiba Micro-Business Development Fund: More information will be available at a later stage of the project as we are currently forming strategies and partnerships to bring additional use case to the $DOSHIBA token, thus we are reserving funds for such future ventures.
These funds will only be activated once we have formed The Doshiba Community DAO. Click Here to read more about our DAO.
We Dab to celebrate our victories as a community!