Doshiba Tokens Overview

Doshiba Inu is revolutionizing community-driven cryptocurrencies by forging alliances to build a good support foundation and further increase use cases for the Shiba Inu tokens and Dogecoin Coins, as well as removing there limitations such as high gas fees, no deflationary mechanisms and being limited to only one chain.
$DOSHIBA is an auto-deflationary BEP20 Token that has a total supply of 600 Trillion tokens and awards reflections back to all holders of the token from transactions fees.
For each transaction of the $Doshiba token, there is a fee (13% for buys and 18% for sells), which allows The Doshiba Treasury to accumulated community-driven tokens and coins such as $SHIB and $DOGE and storing them as reserve currency for $DOSHIBA. By removing circulating supplies from the open market, it causes an increase in prices that is directly reflected on the $DOSHIBA token as well. Additionally the treasury will be permanently burning 10% of the accumulated supply to further decrease the circulation.
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Doshiba Inu Token Protection

By definition, LP Tokens, also known as liquidity tokens, are unique tokens produced by DEX platforms to compensate users that contribute liquidity to their pools.
Individual contributions to the entire liquidity pool are tracked using LP tokens, which are retained in proportion to the share of liquidity in the overall pool.
As a successful technique to sustain robust liquidity at all times, DOSHIBA issues initial liquidity as 'LP tokens' and locks them. Every trade generates LP tokens, which are locked on transactions using PancakeSwap' exchange solutions. These instruments reduce volatility and thereby increase stability, especially when large-scale transactions are involved. For token holders this implies less exposure to the risk of fluctuations in the price of the tokens and rug-pulls by the creators of the project. Transparency is the primary pillar for the Doshiba Inu project.