How do I buy $DOSHIBA tokens ?

We have not yet launch our token. We are currently in the presale phase, please click here for more info.

Can I earn just by holding $DOSHIBA in my wallet?

Yes! Simply by holding $DOSHIBA tokens in your wallet, each week we will be rewarding tokens accumulated from all buying and selling fees straight to $DOSHIBA token holders.

What are the buy and sell fees?

Please refer to information here...​

Who is on the Doshina Inu Team?

We are an international team made up of professional crypto traders, programmers, blockchain entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Our core team is based in 4 different continents including the EU, US, and UAE.

Is the team KYC'd or Doxed ?

The team is not KYC’d or Doxed, with no current plans to do so. This is for a few reasons including security, but the main being that we want Doshiba Inu to be known for the project itself. We don’t want people to rally around us, we want you to rally around Doshiba Inu as a whole.

Is Doshiba Inu audited?

We are currently working on completing our first smart contract audit, coming up shortly before the presale ends.

What the different between slippage and tax fee?

Doshiba Inu has a 13% and 18% fee for buying and selling. However, when attempting to buy or sell through an exchange, the fees, or slippage, may be higher. This is because that although Doshiba Inu only charges a flat fixed fee, the exchange also requires a fee. The slippage accommodates the price movement due to the level of liquidity in the pool. The exchange will always get a fixed percentage of the price paid. When the price movement is higher, the amount paid to the exchange may increase.

If you have some more additional questions that you would like answers to, join our social media groups and one of our team members will be glad to answer them